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Q: How to control the production quality of nodulizer?
At present, the rare earth nodularizing agents used in China 
are mainly processed and manufactured according to 
the pyrometallurgical method, the cored wire method, 
and the mechanical mixing method. 
The pyrometallurgical method is the basis of the latter method. 
Using this method to produce nodulizer, 
the quality control points have the following three aspects:
The first point: the preparation of raw materials:
Rare earth: It is best refined from rare earth ore with few impurities.
Metal Magnesium: Magnesium can only exist mainly 
in the state of Mg-Si alloy phase in the alloy, 
which is beneficial to the oxidation burning of magnesium.
Ferrosilicon: Low aluminum is required, 
dense structure, no powdering, and no inclusions. 
Ferrosilicon below the national standard seventy-five 
is difficult to melt and has many impurities, 
so it is not suitable for use.
Silicon calcium, silicon barium: 
It is mainly to determine and control the precise content of 
Ca and Ba in the alloy.
  Scrap steel: Generally, rust-free A3 steel is used, 
and other alloy steels are prohibited.
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