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Q: How to control the production quality of nodulizer?
In this issue, we learn how to control the smelting process 
of nodularizing agent production.
The first is to add the order in the correct order. 
Be careful not to let magnesium and scrap steel come into direct contact. 
After the magnesium with a low melting point is melted, 
it first reacts with silicon to form a Mg-Si phase to reduce 
the burning loss of magnesium.
The second is to melt the composition to be uniform. 
In addition to using the self-induction stirring of 
the intermediate frequency furnace, 
it is necessary to manually stir in a timely 
and appropriate manner to homogenize 
the alloy components during the smelting process. 
In the smelting process, 
the phenomenon of "running magnesium", "shed material" 
and "touching the furnace" should be prevented.
The last point is that the sieve size is classified. 
The solidified alloy ingots are subjected to surface cleaning of 
oxides and inclusions before being crushed and screened. 
And according to the size of the user's ladle, 
the particle size is graded and packaged, 
but no alloy powder exists.
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