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I am the youngest girl in the factory.

The last issue talked about covering agents.

Many netizens leave messages, do you have any other products? Of course there is.

Today I will show you another King Fried product in our factory——Strontium Silicon Inoculant

Silicon strontium inoculant is especially important for the production of high-grade iron castings.

It has the effect of delaying the diffusion of carbon and silicon and strengthening the inoculation of silicon.

Therefore, it has a strong ability to resist inoculation decline and eliminate the white mouth of castings;

silicon strontium inoculant also has Certain nucleation ability, and the addition of strontium-containing inoculant will not excessively increase the number of eutectic clusters in the tissue, so it can reduce the tendency of shrinkage

and shrinkage at the wall thickness.

Follow me, the youngest girl in the factory.

The next product will be more fried~


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