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Hello everyone, I am the youngest girl in the factory.
Before the Spring Festival, 
I will give you a key knowledge of popular science: 
how to choose the nodulizer scientifically.
(1) Magnesium content of 4%-5.5% is a low-magnesium nodularizing agent, 
and RE is between 1%-2%, which is mostly used for 
intermediate frequency furnace smelting and
 spheroidizing treatment of low-sulfur molten iron.
(2) The magnesium content of 6%-7% belongs to 
the medium magnesium series nodularizing agent, 
which is mostly used in cupola, electric furnace double smelting, 
or intermediate frequency furnace smelting pearlitic cast ductile iron castings.
(3) High magnesium series nodulizers are suitable for 
cupola smelting and molten iron with sulfur content of 0.06%-0.09%, 
and the addition amount is between 1.6%-2.0%.
(4) The low-aluminum nodularizer is used for castings 
that are prone to subcutaneous pore defects 
and castings that require aluminum content in molten iron.
(5) Low-silicon nodularizers are suitable for foundries 
that use a large amount of return material; 
nickel-magnesium nodularizers are used for high-nickel austenitic ductile iron.
Have you learned it?
Follow me, the youngest girl in the factory, 
to learn more about casting tips~


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