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Today we will talk about common casting defects -surface defects.
There are main types of preventive measures for surface defects:

(one) Strictly control the performance of sand and core sand, 

and improve the fire of sand and core sand; 

(two) reduce the gap between sand particles; 
(three) The thickness of the layer is peaceful and peaceful; 
(four) the smoothness of the mold should be high, 
and reasonably make the slope of the molding and cast the rounded corner. 
(five)The damaged casting should be repaired before the box; 
Sand, and cover the mouth; 
(six) shorten the time of the placing of sand before pouring;

 (seven) Be careful when the box or moves the casting shaping to avoid damage 

or the sand particles fall into the sand type cavity; 

(eight)Metal liquid flows smoothly, and large plane castings should be poured tilted; 

(nine) properly reduce the pouring temperature of the metal.


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