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Hello everyone, I am the youngest girl in the factory.
Today, let's talk about it: the inoculant for 
our king fried products from Nanjing Difeng.
At present, there are about 200 kinds of inoculants, 
and there are more than 30 kinds of commonly used inoculants. 
It is necessary to choose suitable inoculants for castings of different materials. 
The wrong choice will cause some casting defects.
The types of inoculants are as follows:
1. Classification according to ingredients: silicon-based inoculants, 
carbon-based inoculants, rare earth inoculants, etc.;
2. Classification according to the function of the inoculant: 
stabilized inoculant, compound inoculant;
3. Classification according to the scope of use: 
inoculant for gray cast iron, inoculant for ductile iron, 
inoculant for vermicular cast iron, 
inoculant for wear-resistant cast iron, etc.
Inoculant is an essential additive in casting production. 
When producing gray cast iron, 
adding inoculant can refine grains, reduce white mouth, promote graphitization, 
and improve the strength of gray cast iron.
At present, Nanjing Dysprosium can produce 
various specifications of inoculants. 
Our engineers will manufacture a solution to suit your order.
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