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I am the youngest girl in the factory. 
In the previous issue, we mentioned our raw material scrap steel. Some netizens were curious that scrap steel could also become our raw material.
Then our master really turned waste into treasure. 
Today I will popularize our professional knowledge. 
Go and see with me.
This is our raw material scrap steel, when selecting scrap steel, the type of scrap steel must be determined according to the material and grade of the casting.
In the production of scrap steel, it is important to match the scrap with the production castings.
The correct ingredients can largely avoid problems such as high hardness of castings or substandard elongation.
The scrap steel we produce for the nodulizer inoculant is mainly A3 steel, 
which does not contain rust and other impurities and melts well.
Is there a little knowledge in popular science today?
Follow me, the youngest girl in the factory.
In the next issue, I will take you to identify the difference between good and bad products.


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