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I am the youngest girl in the factory.

Today, let’s take a look at another King Fried product-nodulizer.

This is the spheroidizing agent produced by the masters.

Although some spheroidizing agents look no different from ours on the surface, the raw materials used are not up to standard, so they are unstable in use, and the spheroidization level is not up to the standard.

The spheroidizing agent we produce has very strict requirements for the purchase of raw materials.

Castings made with our spheroidizing agent have less impurities, high spheroidization rate, tight crystalline structure, and low Mg oxide, which can basically meet the requirements of different smelting equipment and different.

It can be used in the case of original molten iron, suitable for different grades of ductile iron, and can be adjusted and produced according to the special composition required by the user.

Follow me, the youngest girl in the factory.

The next product is better~


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