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Hello everyone, I am the youngest girl in the factory.
Everyone knows that cupola hot metal 
is better than electric furnace, 
but what is the reason?
Because the cupola smelting process is 
when the molten iron droplets fall on the surface of the coke, 
it causes the unevenness of the microscopic carbon 
increase of the molten iron. 
Therefore, the degree of crystal supercooling is small, 
the crystal grains are refined, 
and the white mouth is not easy to produce. 
The electric furnace smelting molten iron is carried out 
under the condition of carbon isolation, 
and at the same time it causes the uniformity of 
the distribution of carbon atoms, 
which increases the degree of supercooling of the crystallization 
and increases the tendency of whitening on the surface of the casting.
According to foreign statistics, 
the wear rate of machining tools has increased by 
35% compared to cupola castings.
Processing hours increased by 45%, 
which increased the cost of machinery.
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