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Today, we will talk about how to improve the 
phenomenon of heat shrinkage 
and cracking of castings.
one. Before trying to solve the heat shrinkage crack, 
find out its cause, 
check the vertical direction of the crack, 
determine whether there is any stress that may cause the secondary defect, 
confirm the cause of the stress, 
find out the hot spot and reduce the stress.
two, reduce shrinkage resistance: reduce the amount of 
low collapse of sand mold fire mud core binder. 
As far as possible to hollow mud core to improve collapse.
three, in the hot spot design appropriate anti-crack reinforcement, 
anti-crack reinforcement and heat shrinkage crack direction into ninty degrees; 
These anti-crack bars act as heat sinks for hot spots to reduce hot spot effects.
four, the use of cold iron in the hot spot can remove heat to 
reduce the hot spot effect,
 and therefore reduce the heat shrinkage crack tendency.
five. Use special sand in hot spots, such as chrome or zirconium sand, 
which will reduce the hot spot effect and exclude 
the formation of heat shrinkage crack.
in the next installment, 
we'll continue to talk about the factors that 
can affect the heat-cracking process.


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