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Question: Do you know what role different inoculants play in casting?
3. Barium-containing ferrosilicon: 
has a strong ability to promote graphitization, 
can improve the shape and distribution of graphite in thin-walled castings, 
and slow down inoculation and recession.
4. Zirconium-containing ferrosilicon: 
Zirconium has a deoxidizing effect, 
which is conducive to improving the fluidity of molten iron, 
reducing the whitening tendency of cast iron, 
and promoting uniform and fine A-type graphite.
5. Silicon-barium alloy: Using silicon-barium alloy 
containing 20-30% barium as an inoculant can significantly reduce 
the white mouth tendency of cast iron, 
especially suitable for large castings.
6. Silicon calcium alloy: Except for the application of cored wire,
 it is not suitable to use granular alloy as an inoculant for cast iron.
7. Rare earth inoculant: It has a strong inoculant effect, 
and its effect can be several times that of 75 ferrosilicon, 
which can effectively eliminate white mouth 
and slow down inoculation decline.
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