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Hello everyone, I am the youngest girl in the factory.
In the actual production process,
 there are many factors that cause poor spheroidization, 
which are summarized as follows:
1. Poor quality of nodulizer
2. Improper operation of spheiroidzing treatment before furnace
3. The original molten iron has high sulfur content 
or the molten iron is oxidized
4. Improper placement of molten iron ladle 
or slow tapping of molten iron
5. The spheroidizing agent is added too early 
or the molten iron is not poured out of the pit of the dam
6. The temperature of spheroidized iron liquid is too low or too high
7. The particle size of the nodulizer is too large or too small
8. Less amount of nodulizer added
9. Spheroidization recession and breeding recession 
caused by too long pouring time
Follow me, the youngest girl in the factory, see you next time, bye~


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