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Today we will talk about common casting defects -incomplete defects.
During the casting, insufficient pouring, leakage boxes,
 less meat, and damage, these are all disadvantaged defects.
Prevention measures for the defects of incomplete categories are the following:
(1) Improve the watering temperature, speed up the pouring speed, 
and prevent disconnection;
(2) Properly increase the cross -sectional area of 
horizontal watering and internal watering;
  (3) For the relatively small casting shapes, 
the pouring speed is appropriately slowed to 
ensure that the casting is full.
  (4) Adjust the ingredients in front of the furnace to properly 
increase the carbon and silicon content;
  (5) Strengthen the exhaust in the casting, 
and the core bone should be wrapped out of the air rope to lead to air;
  (6) Calculate the casting weight of the casting 
accurately to ensure that the steel water is sufficient;
(7) When the casting is cleaned up and carried out of sand, 
pay attention to avoid excessive collisions 
and strikes in various forms, and avoid unreasonable throwing;
(8) Set up a reasonable neck size, make a knock on the neck, 
and correctly grasp the direction of knocking the pouring output.


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