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Today, we are going to talk about what is heat shrinkage cracking.
The thermal shrinkage crack is a jagged intergranular crack 
on the surface of the casting with different sizes. 
There are decarbonized and oxidized surfaces; 
Usually occurs in hot spots. Several dendrite structures were 
found on the fracture plane, 
showing intergranular morphology. 
In ASTM specifications, defects are usually classified as linear; 
These thermal shrinkage cracks may be small enough to be 
detected by magnetic particle inspection;
 May be very long or very short; May occur only on the surface 
or may penetrate the entire casting.
The formation of heat shrinkage crack of cast steel 
must meet two conditions:
1, hot
2, hinder the normal solid contraction
What is the casting hot spot?
The casting hot spot is the part where the residual liquid time 
is longer than the surrounding area, 
and the temperature will be higher than other parts, 
so it is called the hot spot.
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