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Today I would like to tell you: 
a practical solution for improving the spheroidization rate of ductile iron
When the spheroidization rate is required to reach more than 90%, 
the following measures can be adopted:
one、 Select high-quality charge to reduce 
anti-spheroidizing elements in the charge.
Two、 Select a spheroidizer with low RE content to reduce 
the effect of RE on the deterioration of the spherical graphite morphology.
Three、The S content of the original molten iron should be less than 0.020%, 
which can reduce the consumption of nodularizing agents, 
especially the nodularizing elements consumed
 by the secondary sulfur return of the sulfide slag.
Four、 Pre-deoxidize the molten iron to increase 
the number of graphite balls per unit area, 
improve the spheroidization rate, and prolong the effective incubation time.
Five、 Reduce the Si content in the original iron solution, 
increase the addition amount of nodularizing agent, 
inoculant and various pretreatment agents, 
and strengthen the inoculation treatment.
We Nanjing Difeng specializes in the production of 
various alloy products such as nodularizing agents and inoculants, 
with optimized raw materials and quality assurance. 
We can also customize production according to 
the standards required by customers. 
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