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Today I want to talk to you about casting defects.
Casting defect is an important reason leading to low performance,
 short service life, scrap and failure of castings.
Therefore, the morphology, characteristics, 
causes and forming process of casting defects 
are analyzed in order to prevent, 
reduce and eliminate casting defects.
Eliminating or reducing casting defects is 
an important part of casting quality control. 
According to GB/T 5611-1988 "Casting Terminology", 
casting will be performed
Defects are divided into eight categories, 
which are:Multiple meat defects; Holes and holes; 
Cracks, cold separation defects; Surface defect;
 Defective type defect; Shape and weight error defects;
 Inclusion defects; Performance, composition 
and organization are unqualified.
Pay attention to me. 
Next time, we will learn more about the causes 
and preventive measures of these casting defects


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