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I am the youngest girl in the factory.
What factors affect the effect of graphite spheroidization 
in the production of ductile iron? 
What I want to do in this video is summarize the rest of the factors
eleven. Influence on the quality of the original molten iron: 
The molten iron in the furnace should be checked for 
its maturity before spheroidization. 
The white port value of the original molten iron is too large, 
easy to appear white metallography.
12. Cooling speed influence: increasing the cooling speed of 
molten iron will get more balls and improve the roundness. 
For example, with cold iron process, 
iron type sand process. Cold iron should be suitable, 
too much will produce white mouth.
Thirteen, the impact of heating riser: to choose the right heating riser, 
heat is too large or easy to cut thin risked caliber heat dissipation is not good, 
the caliber is easy to poor.
In recent years, with the development of nodular cast iron production, 
especially in the wind power casting production 
and casting quality requirements of the industry, 
the spheroidization level requirements to reach two or more,
 that is, the steel spheroidization rate of more than 90%.
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