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Foundries belong to the basic industry of industry.
If there is no foundries,
the mechanical industry can not run out.
From this point of view,
casting is the source of industry.
When it comes to the source,
it is more important to say the source of the source
- spheroidizing agent, inoculation agent
Nodular cast iron is now produced in almost all iron mills,
and as an indispensable spheroidizing agent for the production of
nodular cast iron has attracted more and more attention.
The choice of what kind of spheroidizing agent,
or what kind of spheroidizing agent is the best,
has also become the production and use of
spheroidizing agent factory perennial discussion and debate.
What are the principles of the production mechanism of spheroidizing agent?
(一) Content of interfering spheroidizing elements in metal charge
(1) The Ti content in pig iron is high,
such as VTi pig iron,
spheroidizing agent should contain
an appropriate amount of rare earth.
(2) When the content of interference elements in the charge is high,
the spheroidizing agent with high rare earth content
should be selected.
(3) With high purity pig iron Ti<0.1%(Ti, Cr, Sn, V, Sb, Pb, Zn)
can use magnesium ferrosilicon alloy spheroidizing agent.
(4) The content of rare earth in the spheroidizing agent
should ensure that after spheroidizing (RE)≥0.4% ~ 0.024%.
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