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Q: How to choose good quality spheroidizer?
A good nodularizer is mainly reflected in the following points:
One, has a good affinity with sulfur and oxygen in molten steel, 
and the reaction is small when placed in molten steel, 
but the deoxidation effect and desulfurization effect are good!
Two, a good nodulizer can effectively improve 
the graphite shape of cast iron. 
In the cast iron industry, this role is particularly important. 
Putting a good nodularizer in molten iron 
can make the graphite shape gradually change from flake. 
It is spherical, which greatly improves the quality of cast iron!
3. A good nodularizing agent has a small and uniform density, 
and can automatically float up after the nodulizing agent is put in. 
In actual use, the boiling point is much lower than that of molten iron, 
which allows magnesium to be converted into 
a gaseous state at this processing temperature. 
It has a self-stirring effect, 
thereby improving the spheroidization effect!
Four. The magnesium oxide content of a good spheroidizer 
is equal to about ten percent of the magnesium content. 
A good spheroidizer is dense, no segregation, 
no shrinkage porosity, and no powdering!
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