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The continuous high temperature in July 
was also a work challenge for the workshop masters. 
So in high temperature production, 
we still have to pay attention to safety.
1. Heatstroke prevention and cooling: 
We reasonably arrange working hours, 
do not start production at high temperature 
in front of the furnace in the morning, 
stop production in the afternoon when the temperature is high, 
arrange workers to rest in the dormitory, 
and start production after the temperature drops in the evening.
2. Personal protection: 
Operators must still wear personal protective equipment, 
safety helmets, etc. 
Some employees give up wearing them 
due to the heat during the work process,
 which is absolutely not allowed.
3. Electricity safety: strengthen the education 
and management of electricity safety to prevent 
the occurrence of electric shock accidents.
4. Anti-fatigue operation: The temperature is high, 
the labor intensity is increased, and the daytime is long, 
and the masters are prone to drowsiness and excessive fatigue.
Follow me, the youngest girl in the factory. 
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