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As a foundry worker, 
if you want to be skilled in daily quality management work,
 you must do the following:
1, to timely grasp the quality of frequently repeated 
problem products in daily production. 
In fact, the number of products that frequently go wrong 
in daily production may only account for 10% 
of the total number of products produced, 
but it accounts for 80% of the overall impact. 
For example, when we make incubating blocks, 
we should pay attention to the furnace temperature, 
mold arrangement, 
and even the Angle of pouring molten iron, 
which are the key points affecting the quality.
2, must try to track the whole production process 
of the problem product, 
and truthfully make production records. 
Especially where it is inconsistent with normal production. 
We know that quality instability comes from variation, 
or inconsistency with normal production. 
Therefore, whether it is the process personnel or operators, 
must be strictly in accordance with the 
process specifications to implement, 
can not improvise. 
In addition, the production personnel 
must pay attention to the operation details, 
and timely record. 
For example, in the link of manual quality inspection, 
encounter unqualified spheroidizing agent or inoculant, 
to disk casting process.
In fact, casting is a very complicated process. 
Because combustion, injection, 
crushing and other processes have a great impact 
on the quality of the casting, 
so each process should not be careless.
So I'm going to leave you there, 
and in the next video, 
we're going to talk about how to do a good job of 
quality management as a casting engineer


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