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How to do a casting engineer's daily quality management work,
and the last point
3, casting engineers should have
a rapid response mechanism and responsibility.
Take responsibility, face challenges, and be able to call a halt.
If there is a problem,
the production should be stopped immediately,
to avoid causing batch scrap.
What should be done in the quality management of
the production site is S (standard) D (implementation)
C (inspection) A (action) cycle to maintain the production quality; 
 Foundry engineers should consider the P (planning)
D (execution) C (inspection)
A (action) cycle to improve the existing quality.
These are two different concepts and levels,
and we should all take responsibility for them.
As a casting engineer,
I should also have at least theoretical knowledge
and practical experience of casting,
clear thinking and judgment ability,
keen and profound insight,
and be able to see the root of problems
through complicated appearances.
Of course, this takes time and accumulation, 
as well as dedication.        
But, as long as you put your mind to it, 
you will be rewarded.
Since you have chosen casting, 
you will devote yourself to it with all your heart, 
no matter what process you do, 
no matter what position you are in.        
To put it bluntly, in fact, which industry, 
all need to work hard.        
Efforts can be rewarded;        
Don't work hard, return don't know who you are.
That's all for today's share.        
I am the youngest girl in the factory, 
pay attention to "Nanjing Difeng", see you tomorrow.


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