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Today, let’s talk about magnesium ingots

This is the more than 30 tons of raw material magnesium ingots we have just imported.

Magnesium is a lighter metal among practical metals.

The specific gravity of magnesium is about 2/3 of that of aluminum and 1/4 of that of iron.

It has high strength and high rigidity.

We all use model 999 magnesium ingots, purchased from regular manufacturers (Fugu, Wenxi).

Other manufacturers may use 98% of magnesium ingots, and such magnesium ingots will affect the effect of the spheroidizing agent.

The spheroidizing agent we produce is mainly sent to various ductile iron plants.

Later, I will take you to visit the factories of our customers.

follow me! I am the youngest girl in the factory.

In the next episode, I will tell you about rare earths.


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