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Today we continue to say,
which points can be used as the production mechanism
of spheroidizing agent principles?
(2) original liquid iron temperature and sulfur content
High temperature low sulfur iron liquid,
low magnesium low rare earth spheroidizing agent.
If the liquid iron of electric furnace is 1460 ~ 1520℃
and w(s) is 0.02% ~ 0.04%, FeSiMg8RE3
and FeSiMg7RE2 can be used.
If w(s)≤ 0.02%, FeSiMg6RE2 is used.
(3) Requirements for production process and casting
Low rare earth spheroidizing agent
is used for cast ferritic nodular cast iron,
yttrium base heavy rare earth spheroidizing agent
is used for thick and large section nodular cast iron,
and Cu-bearing and nickel-bearing spheroidizing agent
can be used for cast pearlite nodular cast iron.
(4) spheroidization process
The more commonly used spheroidization process 
is the punching method, 
widely suitable for various temperature and sulfur content of 
liquid iron spheroidization and a variety of 
mass production of all kinds of castings.
At present, pyrometallurgical alloys are mainly used in 
ductile iron production at home and abroad.  
Pellet spheroidizing agent, 
core-coated wire spheroidizing agent 
and powder spheroidizing agent are rarely used.  
The spheroidizing agent of fire smelting accounts 
for more than 90% in the production. 
 At present, Ba, Ca, Pb, Cu and Ni are added to this kind of 
alloy to achieve the purpose of controlling the matrix.  
The content of magnesium oxide in the alloy has been limited.
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