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Hello everyone, I am the youngest girl in the factory.
With the development of my country's industry, 
the quality requirements of various castings are increasing day by day, 
and the influence of interfering elements brought by the charge 
has gradually become a problem that everyone has to face.
Today we mainly talk about the interfering elements in cast iron.
Phosphorus, sulfur and other harmful elements 
and other interfering elements contained in pig iron for 
steelmaking can be removed in the subsequent steelmaking process, 
while cast iron is only directly made into castings after remelting, 
various harmful elements and interfering elements. 
A considerable part remains, and if the content exceeds 
the allowable value, it will affect the performance of the material. 
When manufacturing high-quality iron castings, 
the content of harmful elements and interfering elements
 in raw pig iron must be strictly controlled.
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