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Hello everyone, I am the youngest girl in the factory.

Today is my last day to participate in the Shandong Annual Meeting.

Actually, I came with two tasks.

First: Some of our company's equipment is a bit old.

My colleagues and I came to the casting annual meeting to

investigate the latest machinery and equipment.

Second, promote our products.

Let's take a look today. How is our task done?

Since this is an annual casting meeting, not an exhibition,

some of the machinery and equipment

we are interested in were not exhibited here,

but made some detailed publicity.

Next, we will come to the manufacturers of these machinery

and equipment and see more details. Show.

At this exhibition, our colleagues are also very busy,

and customers who have been coming to

consult to answer questions.

It seems that at this annual meeting,

our task has been successfully completed.

Follow me, the youngest girl in the factory,

will take you back to the factory next week


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