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Hello everyone, I am the youngest girl in the factory.
Today, let's talk about common casting defects -
shape and weight error defects.
Like the size of the shape, the weight of the weight, 
the deformation, the wrong box, and the core,
 these are all shape and weight error defects.
Prevention measures for shape and weight errors 
are mainly the following:
(1) Strengthen the inspection and repair of the mold, 
and maintain the stored molds regularly; 
(2) Before production, check the positioning 
and sales of the sandbox and mold (type plate).
(3) In the production, the core head should be accurately located. 
(4)When the core core, check the core size of the core, 
and tighten the core when necessary; -350 ° C); 
(5) When heat treatment, 
the casting wall thickness of the same furnace should be 
as close as possible. 
When the furnace is installed, 
the casting must be stable and stacked.


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