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Hello everyone, I am the youngest girl in the factory.
How does the intermediate frequency furnace 
have a long service life?
one) The furnace lining material should have 
the characteristics of high thermal strength, 
low air permeability and low porosity.
two) The initial damage of the furnace lining is due to 
the front-end erosion caused by the dissolution of the 
sintered layer of the furnace lining refractory in the slag, 
and the occurrence of cracks due to cyclic changes in temperature. 
Another factor that causes crack propagation 
in the monolithic lining is the stress due to the difference 
in expansion coefficients between the "three belts" 
caused by heating to excessively high temperatures.
three) The life of the furnace lining depends on the correct operation, 
including the detection of the lining body, 
and the timely repair of the cracks with "repairing charge" 
to prevent molten steel and slag 
from infiltrating into the furnace lining matrix.
four) Slag hanging on furnace lining can be 
effectively solved with SlagR
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