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Today, let’s talk about scrap steel
In fact, the quality of scrap steel is also the result of directly affecting the nodulizer.
Let’s take a look. 
The steel scraps in our factory are all A3 steel. 
It can be seen to the naked eye that they do not contain rust and other impurities. 
Such scrap steel has a single composition and melts well. 
Because the spheroidizing agent is very taboo impurities, such as chromium, manganese, titanium, nickel, etc., these are de-spheroidizing elements.
It can be said that our masters emphasized the single composition of scrap steel during the production process, because only scrap steel with a single composition and no other impurities is really good scrap!
follow me! I am the youngest girl in the factory. 
In the next episode, I will tell you about magnesium ingots.


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