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Today, let’s talk about the raw materials of spheroidizing agent

The ferrosilicon used in our factory is all ferrosilicon above 75. 

Ferrosilicon is often used in cast iron smelting to increase silicon after the furnace and partly incubate.

It is one of the indispensable raw materials for steelmaking and cast iron.
The ferrosilicon in our factory is strictly controlled at the source, and it is purchased directly from regular manufacturers
in the ferrosilicon production area.
For some bad ferrosilicon, they are all 70 or 65 ferrosilicon impurities. 
The insufficient content of such ferrosilicon and silicon leads to pulverization and affects the spheroidization grade of the spheroidizing agent.
follow me! I am the youngest girl in the factory. 
In the next episode, I will tell you about scrap steel.


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