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Hello everyone, I am the youngest girl in the factory.
Let's talk about this issue, gray cast iron.
Gray cast iron is cast iron containing flake graphite and 
is the most widely used cast iron.
Because of its great sensitivity to the cooling rate, 
gray iron castings often appear white and cracks on the thinner section, 
and on the thicker section, it often leads to pine.
Due to the low thermal stability of gray cast iron, 
it cannot be used to manufacture parts that 
work in environments exceeding 250 degrees Celsius for a long time.
Inoculation with the relevant inoculants produced by 
our factory is an important measure to eliminate casting defects 
and improve the cutting performance of castings. 
Under the premise of ensuring metallurgical quality, 
our composite inoculants can simultaneously inoculate 
gray iron parts with high technical requirements.
 Improve the casting performance, 
machining performance and mechanical properties of castings.
Follow me, I am the youngest girl in the factory, 
learn more about casting tips~


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