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In this episode of dysprosium Peak class, 
we're going to talk about silicon sand for casting.
Foundry silica sand and natural special sand, 
artificial special sand, is a kind of foundry sand. 
Foundry silica sand processing methods are mainly the following four:
(one) Washing method
After water washing, the sand is dehydrated and dried, 
and the mud content is less than 1%, 
which can meet the requirements of general casting process.
(two) Scrub or rub
That is, on the basis of washing, 
coupled with strong mechanical scrubbing or rubbing.
(three) Cleaning method (also called flotation method)
Other minerals such as feldspar are removed from the original sand, 
so as to increase the content of SiO2 in natural silica sand.
(four) High temperature roasting
The raw sand is calcined at a temperature above 900℃ 
to reduce the gas production 
and high temperature expansion of silica sand.
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