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Safe production starts from Nanjing Difeng
In the past two weeks, we have been doing safety inspections.
Usually factory production,
 safety production ranks first, 
to build a safe workplace for everyone.
For safe production, 
we have made four requirements at Nanjing Difeng:
1. Do a good job in safety training,
 improve the safety awareness of employees, 
always have safety in mind, 
always follow safety in operation, 
and prevent the occurrence of safety accidents from the source.
2. Keep the production equipment in good operating condition:
 Before each production, 
inspect and overhaul all casting production equipment and tools.
 If any problems are found,
 they will be dealt with, 
and resolutely prevent the machine from running with illness. 
3. Establish a workshop safety management system: 
implement safety meetings, 
safety inspections, 
safety education, etc.
 before starting work,
 and write safety production logs to 
record the production status of the workshop.
 Periodically make a summary analysis report.
4. Regularly learn the advanced experience of excellent enterprises: 
strengthen the connection with foundry enterprises, 
and do everything based on reality,
 reform and innovate according to their own conditions, 
and realize safe production and enterprise development.
Follow me, the youngest girl in the factory, 
go to work safely, go home safely, 
see you in the next issue, bye~


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