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Let's talk about common casting defects -crack cold partition defects.
There are cracks that penetrate or do not penetrate on the castings, 
the appearance is twisted and irregular, 
and the metal epidermis is oxidized at the crack, 
which is the heat crack.
There are cracks that penetrate or do not penetrate on the castings. 
The appearance is continuous or smooth curve. 
The metal epidermis of the crack is not oxidized, 
which is cold cracks.
The surface of the casting has an unprecedented gap or pilot, 
and the edge of the interchange is smooth, 
that is, cold partial defects.
Prevention measures for crack cold partition defects are mainly the following:
(1) Strictly follow the requirements of chemical ingredients to 
(2) control S, O, P content in steel water;
(2) Improve the concession of sand and core;
(3) Improving the casting system of casting, 
reducing the impact of the obstacles of casting 
and the contraction of the casting:
(4) Avoid sudden changes in the wall thickness of the casting, 
add cracking tendons to the wall thickness when necessary;
(5) Do not break the flow during the pouring process;
(6) The boxing time of the casting should not be prematurely 
and cannot be cold.
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