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I am the youngest girl in the factory.
Today we are going to talk about a common casting defect - multi meat defect.
Flying wings, burrs, lifting boxes, bulging boxes, 
meat, these are "meat defects"
The main prevention measures for meat defects are as follows:
(one) Reasonable layout, prevent blowing sand is not solid, 
prevent lifting box and mold
(two) Adjust the sand mixing process, control the moisture, 
improve the strength of molding sand;
(three) reasonable sand granularity and refractoriness to prevent veins;
(four) Reasonable tooling design to ensure reasonable clearance;
(five) Tooling management should do a good job in module life management;
(six) When direct external cooler is required, the contact surface between 
the external cooler and the casting must be polished and smooth;
(seven) Reasonable flow system design to prevent the metal liquid sand 
and paint to wash away the casting meat;
Follow me, the youngest girl in the factory. 
See you next time


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