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The so-called modeling material refers to the material used in 
sand casting production through modeling, 
core making and box fitting casting links. 
Molding material plays an important role in casting production, 
and its quality directly affects the quality, 
production efficiency and cost of casting. 
According to statistics, casting scrap due to the quality 
or improper use of molding materials in casting production accounts 
for more than 50% of the total rejection rate, casting cleaning, 
finishing process costs of about 70% and 
more than half of the problems are related to molding materials.
Its characteristics and problems are as follows:
(one)Many varieties and specifications of 
(two) Large material consumption
(three) is closely associated with foundry process and equipment
(four) has great impact on casting quality, yield, 
production efficiency and cost
(five) technical specifications are difficult to unify
(six) involves many disciplinary areas
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