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Hello everyone, I am the youngest girl in the factory.
What are the defects of ductile iron parts caused by 
the factors of nodularizing agent?
(1) Graphite ball dissimilation
(2) Graphite floating
(3) Anti-white mouth
(4) subcutaneous needle hole
(5) Shrinkage cavity shrinkage
(6) Black slag
(7) Globalization decline
These defects are almost all related to the composition 
and amount of the nodularizer, 
but we cannot expect the nodulizer to solve all problems, 
because the effect of the nodular element 
and the amount of the nodulizer are both pros and cons, 
and the nodulizer is only a A very important factor in the stable 
production control system of ductile iron, 
only when combined with other supporting measures, 
can the spheroidization be stably processed. 
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