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Hello everyone, I am the youngest girl in the factory.
Nodulizer is an additive that can promote 
the crystallization of graphite in ductile iron into spherical shape. 
The rare earth magnesium ferrosilicon nodulizer is 
commonly used in my country.
Now the factory is crushing the spheroidizing agent that 
has just been cooled into a solid. 
This is the broken spheroidizing agent.
 It will be sampled by the laboratory later. 
After all the inspections are passed,
 it will be sent out in a packaging truck~
Nanjing Difeng's nodularizers strictly implement 
the ISO9001:2015 international quality system standard. 
We are all directly supplied by the factory warehouse, 
with large reserves, excellent prices, fast delivery,
 no intermediate links, 
and also support to provide customers 
with various special New product development 
and production services required
Follow me, see you next time~


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