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Hello everyone, I am the youngest girl in the factory.
It is 11 o'clock in the middle of the night. 
At the request of the majority of netizens, 
I am here again today to take pictures of the masters 
who work overtime late at night.
Some small partners will ask us whether we can ship immediately. 
We generally do not accept urgent orders,
 but arrange orders according to the order of the contract.
 Customers need to place orders ten days or half a month in advance.
 And this year is really too busy.
 Even the inventory we made in the off-season has been sent out. 
There is almost no inventory at home. 
If the customer is too late, 
we will find a way to ask the master to ensure that 
the current production plan remains unchanged. 
Next, help overtime to catch up the order.
Follow me, the youngest girl in the factory.
 If you want to see more factory scenes, 
you can leave a message or send a private message to me~


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