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Hello everyone, I am the youngest girl in the factory.
Let's talk about vermicular graphite cast iron.
The chemical structure of vermicular graphite cast iron 
is similar to that of gray cast iron, 
but the overall mechanical properties are slightly better than gray cast iron, 
but slightly inferior to nodular cast iron.
Its impact toughness, elongation, compressive strength, 
yield strength, etc.are all between the two, 
and the change in wall thickness has a smaller effect 
on the mechanical properties than gray cast iron.
Vermicular graphite cast iron is much less sensitive
 to the cooling rate than gray cast iron, 
and has good thermal conductivity, 
so it is often used to manufacture parts with 
harsh working environment temperatures 
and relatively large temperature gradients.
Because the compacted graphite cast iron material 
has high strength, good compactness, 
low sensitivity to notches, and good process performance, 
it can be used to manufacture large parts 
with complex geometric shapes.
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