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Uniform particle size, no ash and no slag,
 export goods, quality assurance
Hello everyone, I am the youngest girl in the factory.
Nodulizers are certain metals or alloys 
added to molten iron to obtain spheroidal graphite cast iron. 
Rare earth magnesium ferrosilicon nodularizers 
are commonly used in China. 
Nanjing Difeng's spheroidizers all strictly implement the 
ISO9001:2015 international quality system standard. 
While creating high-quality alloy products, 
we can also provide customers with various special requirements
 for new product development and production services.
Come on, let me go to the factory to see the production of nodularizer.
Nodulizer is currently being produced. 
Don't look at how big it is now, 
it will be sent to the crushing workshop after cooling, 
and crushed into the corresponding particle size 
according to the customer's order requirements.
This is the raw material of the nodularizing agent. 
Our raw materials are all produced by regular large factories in the origin. 
There are many customers who also formulate some 
high-quality raw materials when purchasing spheroidizers.
Now is the quality inspection link. 
These are just produced nodularizers. 
The quality inspectors are testing to ensure
 the quality of each ton of nodulizers.
 This is the nodulizer that has passed the inspection after production,
 and the masters are subcontracting.
If you have special needs, 
please leave a message in the background.
 Dysprosium's engineers will choose 
the most suitable nodulizer product for you.
Follow me, the youngest girl in the factory,
 see you next time, bye~


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