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Hello everyone, I am the youngest girl in the factory.
Nodulizers and inoculants are mostly used in casting. 
Do you know the difference between nodulizers and inoculants?
This is a nodularizing agent, 
also called rare earth magnesium ferrosilicon alloy, 
which can promote the crystallization of graphite 
in ductile iron into spherical additives.
This is an inoculant, which can promote graphitization, 
reduce the tendency of white mouth,
 improve the shape and distribution of graphite, 
increase the number of eutectic groups, 
and refine the matrix structure. 
It has a good effect in a short time after inoculation treatment.
This is the spheroidizer and inoculant we just produced. 
It's going to be a holiday, and these finished products
 that have passed the inspection are also ready to be loaded and shipped
Follow me, the youngest girl in the factory, 
to learn more about casting tips~


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