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Many users want to know the circuit production of 
nodular cast iron influence graphite spheroidization effect by what factors?
Eight, the influence of spheroidizing agent size
The size of spheroidizing agent should be 5-25mm 
for 150-750kg/bag of molten iron, 
and larger size spheroidizing agent should be 
applied if the size is greater than 750/ bag. 

The nodulizing agent pool or the bottom of the nodulizing agent is 

often concentrated with small particle size nodulizing agent, 

in this case, it should be used together with other 
large particle size nodulizing agent to be qualified. 
Particle size inspection should be paid attention to 
in the inspection of spheroidizing agent feeding.
Nine, the influence of the proportion of molten iron: 
high nickel ductile iron ratio is significant, the viscosity of molten iron 
is larger than that of general ductile iron, 
with general spheroidizing agent is not feasible. 
To use high MG, large particle size of the nodulating agent, 
the nodulating agent deexplosive force, stirring power, 
buoyancy, can make the water iron fully spheroidized.
ten. High nickel iron ladle and furnace must be clean, 
generally ductile iron ladle with more than 5 bags after hanging slag, 
slag sulfur reflux caused poor spheroidization, 
high nickel iron ladle can be general gray iron ladle.
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