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Q: Do you know what inoculants are?
there are about 200 kinds of inoculants, 
and more than 30 varieties of commonly used inoculants. 
The categories of inoculants are as follows:
1. Classification according to ingredients: 
silicon-based inoculants, carbon-based inoculants, 
rare earth inoculants, etc.;
2. Classification according to the function of the inoculant: 
stabilized inoculant, compound inoculant;
3. Classification according to the scope of use: 
inoculant for gray cast iron, inoculant for ductile iron, 
inoculant for vermicular graphite iron,  etc.
Today, we mainly explain the characteristics of different component inoculants.
1. 75 Ferrosilicon: The most commonly used inoculant, 
in which aluminum and calcium play 
an important role in the inoculation effect.
2. Strontium-containing ferrosilicon: 
The ability to eliminate white mouth is very strong, 
which is especially beneficial to improve the shape 
and distribution of graphite in thin-walled castings, 
so that the difference in the structure at different thicknesses is smaller, 
and the supercooled structure is only found on the surface of the casting.
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