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Hello everyone, I am the youngest girl in the factory.
As the Spring Festival is approaching,
 our masters are still working on the front line, 
busy arranging orders and working overtime. 
These are the orders of goods waiting to be released after packaging.
Each batch of goods will be sampled and tested before leaving the factory, 
and only those qualified will be loaded and shipped. 
This is the inspection list of these batches of goods, 
all of which meet the needs of customer orders.
The end of the year is approaching, 
although customer demand is still increasing, 
but no matter how much the order volume increases,
 our masters still insist on quality control, 
and will not reduce the quality of products because of rush.
In the new year, we will still live up to every order from our customers.
Follow me, I'm the youngest girl in the factory, 
Year of the Tiger, let's keep going~


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