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Q: In addition to the problem of creeping treatment, 
what are the other problems of vermicular graphite iron castings?
Hello everyone, I am the youngest girl in the factory.
  In the production of vermicular graphite iron castings, 
common casting defects include general defects of gray iron castings, 
failure to creep, low creep rate, creep recession, 
excessive white mouth, inoculation recession, 
graphite floating, surface flakes Graphite layer, 
slag inclusion, etc.
one, can't creep
If the triangle test piece in front of the furnace is found to be abnormal.
 If it is judged that vermicularization is not successful, 
immediately remove the slag, 
add vermicularizing agent and inoculant, stir, 
sample, and pour after normal;
two, low creep rate
If it is judged that the treatment is overdone before the furnace, 
the original molten iron can be added, 
and the inoculation and the amount of inoculant 
added are determined according to the width of 
the white mouth of the triangular test piece;
three, the white mouth is too large
If it is found that the white mouth is too wide, 
add an inoculant and stir well
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