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Question: When is the silicon strontium inoculant mainly used?
Silicon strontium inoculant is suitable for thin-walled or 
chilled high-sulfur and low-sulfur gray iron parts, 
and can also be used in ductile iron to increase the number of ductiles, 
especially high-nickel corrosion-resistant ductile iron 
(containing Ni 14%, Cu 6%, Cr 2%, Si 1.5%). 
It is also suitable for gray iron castings that require dense castings
 without porosity and water pressure resistance.
Silicon-strontium inoculant, 
also known as silicon-strontium alloy, 
strontium is the most effective element 
for promoting inoculation in ferrosilicon inoculants. 
When the degree of undercooling is large, 
strontium has the special effect of reducing the number of eutectic groups, 
which can reduce the shrinkage cavity and shrinkage defects of the casting.
Silicon strontium inoculant can reduce white mouth 
about 50% higher than ferrosilicon, 
and its cross-section uniformity and 
anti-recession ability are higher than ferrosilicon
Better, without increasing the number of eutectic groups, 
easy to melt and less slag.
The silicon and strontium inoculant products produced 
by Nanjing Dyfeng have optimized raw materials, 
quality assurance, 
and can also be customized according to the standards required by customers. 
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