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Q: How to choose an inoculant, 
such as when to choose a silicon-zirconium inoculant?
The molten iron inoculation treatment is to add an inoculant to 
the molten iron to change the metallurgical state of the molten iron 
before the molten iron enters the casting cavity, 
thereby improving the microstructure and properties of the cast iron. 
Changes in the chemical composition of the molten iron 
after the injection can be explained.
 With the improvement of inoculation methods, 
inoculation treatment has become an important means to 
improve the performance of cast iron in modern casting production. 
The advantages of silicon-zirconium inoculants 
improve the performance of gray cast iron. 
The addition of zirconium can help control the nitrogen content, 
prolong the inoculation effect, 
and eliminate the influence of nitrogen on castings;
 it can significantly improve the graphite structure, 
improve the mechanical properties of castings, 
and reduce castings. 
Section Sensitivity and White Mouth Tendency.
The silicon and zirconium inoculant products produced by our 
Nanjing Dyfeng have optimized raw materials and guaranteed quality. 
We can also customize the production 
according to the standards required by customers. 
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